Tooling shop

It consists of a design office, tool shop and the design/fitting workshop.

Primarily, this section ensures smooth operations in serial production; in addition, it provides a full service pack for new product designs.

At present, approximately 1 500 tools acquired from other companies are in use.

The design office provide full sets of underlying documentation, from either a product sample, drawings, and/or CAD/CAM format data.

Milling machineMAHO BRD 600E, 600 E2, 1000C,
Kovosvit MCV 754
Turning machineSUI FN 32
Grinding machinesBPH, JUNG, ELB, JUNGER
Wire-cutting machineFANUK IC, FANUC C400 IA N
Spark out deviceAGIE/PENTA CNC
Quenching furnaceLAC L30, BVD KK50

We are a major manufacturer
of Gardena garden tools


We belong to
the Husqvarna Group