Assembly and packing

The assembling processes are situated in company’s new assembly hall. The assembling processes of STEELTEC CZ are flexible and are adjusted to optimal production speed on semi-automatic and fully automatized assembly lines depending on the character and size of an order. Individual assembling automatic machines are developed and contracted by the STEELTEC CZ company.

Simple assemblies are implemented in a sheltered workshop ERGON – SILESMONT with the capacity up to 180 employees with a reduced working ability.

The departments are organized in order to ensure the smooth flow of material. Merchandise is periodically replenished from the supermarket to the individual work stations to KTL boxes through the logistic train “Supplier Kanban" is then executed on the supply of plastic and metal components from Germany. The goods are completed with plastic, rubber or wood semifinished products, which are packed in cardboard boxes, including printing, info-card, labels, EAN codes.

We are a major manufacturer
of Gardena garden tools


We belong to
the Husqvarna Group