Painting shop with pretreatment

The new, fully automatic powder coating painting shop WAGNER dispose of a technology powder painting with interior and exterior colors. Surface treatment is performed on the steel, aluminum and galvanized sheets, covers, profiles, tubes, frames, welded parts, structures, etc.

Anticorrosion properties and adhesion affects the quality of the previous chemical surface preparation. Our brand new washing line applies a ferric phosphate, that ensures a perfect degreasing. As application technology is used static coating of corona. Powder plastics are cured in gas kilns at firing temperature about 160- 200 degrees C.

We provide galvanic zinc, chromium, copper, tempering.

  • Throughput of product h / w / l: 1 500x600x1500 mm,
  • Max. weight of a component is 50 kg
  • Painting in any shade of RAL in common thicknesses of 40-120 microns,
  • Pretreatment tan color, 4-phase wash and iron (cold) phosphate.
  • Max. size of a piece - profile h/w/l 1600 x 800 mm x 2000 mm, weight 50 kg
  • We can mix any color shade.
  • Pretreatment by degreasing, phosphate coating, passivation
  • Mechanical pretreatment by grinding and sanding

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