Pressing and machine shop

It uses the technology of hydraulic and eccentric presses with a tonnage up to 315 tons for pressing metal. For production in large series we use four automatic pressing lines with a speed of 80 pieces per minute and tonnage of 150-315 tons that manage to press metal sheets and coils 0.4 -6 mm thick and corss-section up to 1500 of commercial and carbon steel, including non-ferrous metals.

In addition, the pressing shop involves 30 hydraulic and eccentric presses with a tonnage ranging from 5 to 150 tons manually and semi-automatically operated. Due to the fact we are able to manage orders from 1,000 to 50,000 pcs/year.

Within the machine shop we provide production by split and bent blanks of logs, bars and tubes up to 50mm diameter in grade of structural and carbon steel.

With the support of the Machine shop the Machine shop produces a wide range of pressed parts. These are consequently manufactured in a closed process of the machine production in large series. Our Pressing shop can also deliver semi-manufactured goods for our partners.
  • 7 automated press lines - WEINGARDEN, ERFURT, RÖSLER, SMERAL, HEILBRON
  • Laser cutting of smaller series in the thickness off 20 mm - TRUMPF 3030
  • Splitting of logs, hexagons and pipes on automatic machines REMS, SINICO
  • CNC metal machining - turning, milling, drilling, threading of squares / spindles up to 38 mm - CNC CITIZEN CINCOM L20 and L32
  • 3D wire bending machines MACSOFT, BRUGER, BIHLER, E-FLEX
  • Processing of ordinary and carbon steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals.

We are a major manufacturer
of Gardena garden tools


We belong to
the Husqvarna Group