Large series
key metal production
Pressing, welding, coating, assembly and packaging
coating shop
with pretreatment
maximal part dimension 1600x800x2000 mm,
various color shade,
washing before painting, grinding, …
Metal pressing
starting from
10000 pieces
7 automatic pressing lines, lasing smaller series,
simple and carbon steel, non-ferrous metals
Company profile
The main activity of the company STEELTEC CZ is large series engineering metal production followed by a further treatment in the process of engineering production – welding, grinding, powder coating. Companies own tool shop and provides the customer complete service associated with the product development including the preparation and course of series production... [more]

Large series production

  • Development and preparation of series production
  • Pressing - welding - coating
  • Assembly and packing
  • PAPP documentation and approval regulations processing
  • Manufacturing processes and costs optimisation
Lisování kovů

Metal pressing

  • metal pressing starting from 10000 pieces
  • 7 automatic pressing lines (160-315 tonnes)
  • Laser-cutting of smaller parts in the thickness of 20 mm
  • Simple and carbon steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals
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Coating shop with pretreatment

  • Maximal part dimension: 1600x800x2000 mm, weight 50 kg
  • We can mix various color shade
  • Degreasing, phosphating, and passivation pretreatment
  • We offer tumbling and sandblasting operations

Why to cooperate with STEELTEC CZ

  • Prosperous company

    29 years of company working in the engineering metal production industry. Economically stable company regularly audited by Ernst & Young. Corporate culture and background facilities of German company GARDENA and swedish concern HUSQVARNA. Continuous application of lean production principles within Husqvarna operating system (HOS). Implemented ISO 9001 quality sytem.
  • Robot equipped welding shop

    Apart from semi-automatic welding machines we have also robotized workplace equipped with robots KUKA, CLOOS and MOTOMAN. There are welded rugged and complex weldments on special welding plants, for example cylindrical spindles for hand lawnmowers or precise building frames for sanitary engineering.  New cutting laser TRUMF 3030, thanks to which we have expanded the technological possibilities of processing sheets up to 20 mm thick and cover the needs of low-volume demands.
  • Production processes automation

    By implementing lean production principles we optimize the production process during the duration of the contract. Within the project HOS - Husqvarna operating system we work in teams to improve processes in terms of operating economy, quality improvement, and work safety. Within the design/fitting workshop we produce our own automation equipment.
  • Assembly in cooperation with ERGON sheltered workshop

    Increase of assembly capacity within the extension of cooperation with ERGON sheltered workshop in 2015, construction of buildings E3 / E4, 180 workers with reduced working capacity employed. Cooperation with sheltered workshop represents a competitive advantage and economic benefit for the customer. Non-neglectable is a social benefit and received ,,Corporate Social Responsibility" award from Moravian-Silesian region.
  • Significant investments into technology

    Investments into technology and production automation implemented with the support of EU, Czechinvest, MSK and TA CR.

    • Tube bending AMOB with robotic feeding
    • CNC material divider EXACT CUT
    • Automatic pressing line BUGEL 250
    • Powder coating shop WAGNER including washing line and burning fonace
    • Cutting laser TRULASER 3030
    • Machining center KOVOSVIT MCV 754
    • Wire-cutting machine FANUC C4000IA N
    • Carbo nitriding furnace ECOSOND BMI B54RN
    • 3 grinding machines M-MOSS
    • robotic grinding and pressing rolling robots KUKA
  • Company introduction